Monday, October 7, 2013

Gebrs. Fuite B.V. explains on video why they chose KSE weighing and dosing solutions

KSE Process Technology (Netherlands) - Gebrs. Fuite supplies the cattle-, poultry- and pig farming from its three production sites in Genemuiden, The Netherlands.

For dozens of silos Gebrs. Fuite uses ALFRA dosing plateaus. For the outloading of finished products, they use various ALFRA bulk outloading systems.

All three plants are fully automated using the automation software PROMAS ST. From the intake of the various raw materials to the delivery of finished products. This includes intake of raw materials, grinding and mixing line, pelleting line and outloading. They also use the PROMAS ST Track & Trace automation. This makes them able to trace everything back to the boat or to the farmer.


For more information about the ALFRA Systems from KSE Process Technology click here.

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