Monday, October 7, 2013

New BPPCE Weighbridge from Giropès - Easy to install, fast to weigh

Giropès SL (Spain) - The new weighbridge from Giropes BPPCE is a metal modular optimized weighbridge to authorized vehicles to traffic roads.

BPPCE is a light and economic solution to not heavy weigh but keeping strength capacity.

This weighbridge gives us a whole and fast solution to different assembly options with a low cost.

The BPPCE weighbridge could be on ground or pit installation, with secure anchor plate, without design modifications.

Besides, BPPCE weighbridge could be assembled with load cells preinstalled, through multiple options of cubicles offered.

This weighbridge is up to be used immediately after finishing the structure assembly.

The BPPCE needs civil work with low cost because of its low height. Also this weighbridge could be delivered with headboards, metal ramps and different types of cubicles to find the optimum option for each client.


For more information about the New BPPCE Weighbridge from Giropès click here.

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