Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Hand-held Load Cell Tester LCT-Ultimate from I.M.S. Ltd.

I.M.S. Ltd. (Israel) - Hand-held load cell tester - For full troubleshooting of any strain-gage based load cell.

Your attention to our latest, Load Cell Tester - LCT-Ultimate, a versatile hand-held battery operated device especially designed for full troubleshooting of any strain gage-based load cell.

The new tester will quickly check if the load cell has a problem and of which nature. For example; if there is physical distortion, electrical malfunction, water or chemical ingress or simply that the cable got unplugged. It also continuously displays the scale/load cell signal; a very important feature to check linearity. Operating the tester is easy and a full checkup of the load cell takes less than a minute!

The new Tester is a successor to our LCT-01 which became the world's most popular Load Cell Tester.


For more information about the New Load Cell Tester LCT-Ultimate from I.M.S. Ltd. click here.

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