Monday, October 14, 2013

Rinstrum In-Motion Axle Weigher

Rinstrum PTY LTD (USA) - Rinstrum's in-motion axle scale allows you weigh your truck axle by axle while driving over it at 2 mph. The In-Motion-Axle scale is preconfigured for easy installation with the load cells factory calibrated and the indicator is preprogrammed. Just add power, zero the scale and start weighing.

The In-Motion-Axle scale is a precast concrete slab with a precast concrete scale in the center. It can beinstalled just about anywhere. Just pick it off the back of a truck and place it on a 12 inch bed of compacted crushed stone, backfill as needed.

On average +/- 0.5% repeatability can be obtained with good quality approaches.

For more information about the In-Motion Axle Scale from Rinstrum click here.

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