Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marsden launch new generation of Class III Portable Medical Scales

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) - Marsden are delighted to present a brand new range of Class III portable medical scales. For the first time a British manufacturer can offer a medical scale with Bluetooth. In response to the growing demand for care to be provided in a patient’s home Marsden have enabled our scales to send a weight directly to a patient’s smart phone, tablet, PC or monitoring station. The recognition that health care will be delivered in increasingly diverse ways was behind the innovation.

New M-400/ M-410:

Video of M-400/ M-410:

New M-420:

New M-425:

New M-430:

Video of M-430:

The traditional scale without the Bluetooth option will continue to offer the health visitor and midwife a first class weighing instrument for use in the community.

  • Optional Bluetooth connection
  • New keyboard approved by infection control
  • New hygienic wash down mat
  • Higher capacity
  • Foot ‘tap on’ facility for the adult scale
  • There is now a low price alternative in this range.

For more information about the Class III Portable Medical Scales from Marsden Weighing Group click the next links: New M-400/ M-410; New M-420; New M-425 and New M-430;.

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