Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Weighing System for Trucks from Vetec enables quick and precise deliveries

Vetec Weighing & Radio Technology (Denmark) - Vetec's weighing system is quick and easy to install and, according to Vetec, it makes weighbridges unnecessary.

Unique about this solution is the ability to transmit the weighing results to the remote control that controls the truck's pump or lift system. This enables a very accurate delivery.

The system was developed in close cooperation with the company, Albjerg's Maskintec A/S. Knowing the exact weight of the load they are now able to deliver precisely and quickly according to customer specifications.

The system consists of 3 units:

  • Load cells mounted on the truck’s chassis frame.
  • A junction box that collects the signals from the load cells and transmits the results to a display or a printer.

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