Thursday, April 3, 2014

Walz Scale Provides Portable Wheel Weighers for Caterpillar Mining Trucks

Walz Scale (USA) - Walz Mining custom built its portable wheel weighers to efficiently measure and record payload data from Caterpillar's mining trucks.

With the aim to streamline payload analysis of its weighing operations, Caterpillar, Inc. sought the expertise of Walz Mining (a branch of Walz Scale, a leading global provider of truck scales and weighing systems for various applications).

Walz Mining was hired to provide the ideal weighing system for its massive mining trucks. With years of field experience working with mining site operators, Walz Mining integrated its heavy-duty wheel weigher scales (also known as portable axle scales) to measure and record payload data from Caterpillar's mining trucks.

Accurate, Easy, and Intuitive:
In addition to providing professional-grade accuracy and precision, Walz Scale portable wheel weighers make analyzing weight metrics easy and intuitive. Many Walz Mining truck scales can include an integrated weighing terminal. Such terminals include a digital scale processor and built-in receipt printer. And Walz Mining has designed their product to be lightweight and ideal for portable wheel weighers that require complete portability.

Heavy Capacity Wheel Weighers:
Caterpillar's custom-built portable wheel weighers from Walz Mining are designed with a large weigh surface and an axle load rating of 90,000 lbs.

In addition to being fully portable, the wheel weighers are composed of a lightweight yet durable aluminum construction and are waterproof. All of Walz Mining products are design to handle the most rigorous of elements and adverse conditions.

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