Monday, November 3, 2014

New RSD Weighing Data Recorders from GS Software

GS Software (Poland) - RSD - Universal Serial Data Recorder: RSD is a modern, self-contained, ready-to-run simple electronic device for recording any type of data sent from RS 232 serial port. Receiving single data frame at a time is signaled by a brief flash of led diode or through steering solid state relay - with timely programmed response set earlier in configuration. Saved data frames can be quickly transmitted to dongle. The encoded results can be comfortably viewed thanks to enclosed configuration software.

This next generation electronic device has meticulously developed components and its own configuration program:

RSD main features:

  • Saving data frames sent from weight indicator (e.g. after pressing PRINT button)
  • Saving data frames after pressing a switch - handy especially when R320 is connected to LED display
  • Steering diode after saving data frame - time of beaconing can be easily configured
  • Steering relay after saving frame - operating time can be easily configured
  • Saving data on USB
  • RSD is supplied with power voltage of 8~24 VDC
  • It is equipped with real-time clock (to each frame the proper date and time is appended)

For more information about the New RDS Weighing Data Recorder from GS Software click here.

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