Monday, February 22, 2016

New Supplier Entry - Three-Tec GmbH (Switzerland)

Three-Tec GmbH (Switzerland)

Three-Tec is a family owned company which is producing feeders and extruders as well as peripheral devices for laboratiroes and production. Besides the Standard products we have also the strength to produce Special devices according to customers needs in short time and reasonable cost due to the short decision making and our own manufacturing in house.

Main Products/Services:
Gravimetric Feeders, Loss In Weight Feeders, Gain In Weight Feeders, Continuous Feeding, Batch Feeding, Flat Bottom Feeders, Twin Screw Feeders, Extruders, Hot Melt Extruders, Wet Granulation, Mixers, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Three-Tec GmbH, Birren 20, CH-5703 Seon, Switzerland.
Phone: +41 62 892 82 12
FAX: +41 62 892 82 13
Email address:

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