Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Utilcell’s New Accessory Silent-Block Lift-Off Prevention for Model 350 Up To 10,000kg

Utilcell (Spain) – Utilcell extended the range of their silent-block accessory with lift-off prevention up to 10000kg. Now they are available in 3 range sizes: 300…2,000kg, 3,000…5,000kg and 7,500…10,000kg. They have also 3 kinds of finishing: Zinc plated steel alloy and stainless steel.

These silent-block have a rubber pad which add flexibility in applications like tanks, reactors and machinery, which require a semi-rigid bearing point in case of vibrations, impacts or thermal expansions. This flexibility will help on improving the accuracy because they will absorb structural torsions, deflections or miss-alignments, and, they will reduce force peaks of impacts in respect rigid fixing points, which should be avoided in weighing applications.

“These high capacity silent-blocks are safer because they will increase the fixation between upper part and the load cell due to the presence of a bolt that cross the rubber vertically. This will increase the lift-off and lateral force limits in respect other commercial rubber pads where security depends on fixation between rubber and the metal”, explained Utilcell.

For more information about the Load Cell Accessory from Utilcell click here.

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