A&D’s New Compact Precision Scale for Schools

A&D’s New Compact Precision Scale for Schools

A&D Company, Limited (Japan) – A&D’s New Compact Precision Scale Saves The Cost And Hassle Of Maintenance For Use In Schools.

The new compact precision scale from A&D, the HT-120 (120 g × 0.01 g), is a perfect solution for the school environment. It is precise, economical and easy to keep ready for use at any time in good condition, for teachers as well as students.

A&D Company, Limited, a multinational manufacturer of weighing equipment for laboratory and industrial use, complement their popular HT series of compact scales with the high-precision HT-120 (capacity × readability: 120 g × 0.01 g). Replacing its predecessor the HL-100, the HT-120 achieves much improved repeatability while providing greater affordability and ease of maintenance.

Developed especially for classroom use
Being economical is an important requirement for school equipment, and that relates not just to the price at the point of purchase. As such, perhaps the most distinctive advantage that the HT-120 provides is its unparalleled length of battery operation. With four AA alkaline batteries, the scale can operate continuously for approx. 500 hours (with backlight off). This will save users from the trouble of replacing and restocking batteries regularly, which consequently saves time as well as cost.

To avoid wasting power, the display switches off automatically when the scale is inactive for five minutes. Meanwhile, the scale displays the remaining battery level so that users can prevent the batteries running out unexpectedly during use. If preferred, an AC adapter can be purchased separately to save the cost of batteries in the long run, not to mention the bother of replacing them.

Another economical merit of the HT-120 comes from its weighing pan and surrounding protector plate. Both are made of stainless steel (SUS304), whose surface is resistant to scratches and wear, and is easy to clean and keep hygienic. Moreover, users can remain reassured when they drop solvents or other substances that would otherwise damage the scale body.

To further simplify maintenance and control, the HT-120 comes with a dedicated carrying case. It not only protects the scale when being carried, but also economizes space for storage when several cases are stacked and neatly stored on a shelf, etc. Additionally, if users have to leave the scale out on the desk, they can use the slot in its rear to accommodate an off-the-shelf anti-theft lock to prevent it being lost or somebody taking it away without permission.

On top of the low-maintenance features…
The HT-120 provides first-rate performance and functionality, achieving a readability of 0.01 g with excellent repeatability of 0.01 g (by standard deviation) and thereby giving users great confidence in the accuracy of their results. This actually makes the HT-120 suitable for use in not just schools, but jewelry shops, laboratories and factories as well.

Thanks to the large LCD display (15 mm character height), the weight values are easy to read and hard to be mistaken. Plus, with a clear white backlight, the display provides superb visibility even in a dimly-lit area.

Depending on the amount of vibration and draft at the location, users may sometimes want to trade weighing speed for higher stability. From three different combinations of weighing speed and stability, they can select the one that best suits their weighing environment.

Other useful features include (1) ten weighing units: gram, metric carat, momme, ounce, troy ounce, pennyweight, grain, tola, tael (Singapore/HK jewelry/Taiwan), and Newton, which users can quickly select from and switch between depending on use; (2) tare function, which offsets the weight of the weigh boat (container) with just one key press and lets users measure the net weight without the hassle of any calculation; and (3) spirit level to guide users in adjusting the leveling feet of the scale to avoid inaccurate weighing due to tilting.

The weight of the HT-120 is approx. 570 g including batteries, and the dimensions are 136 by 150 by 57.5 mm (or 160 by 175 by 70 mm with the carrying case). The diameter of the weighing pan is 70 mm.


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