Accupoint Weigh Modules by PT Global

Accupoint Weigh Modules by PT Global
PT Global (Australia) - Accupoint Weigh Modules (100kg ~ 50,000kg Stainless Steel, Welded) Compression.

The Accupoint Weigh Module® epitomizes quality in weighing measurement devices. It is a perfect solution for vessel weighing in food processing plants, dairies, chemical, bottling plants etc, where the Accupoint® Weigh Modules can be used on tanks, silos and many other weighing vessels.

The Accupoint Weigh Module® incorporates an unparalleled level of protection for load cells and maintains performance specifications, improves safety whilst reducing load cell damage and plant down-time. Each is a self contained weigh point with both uplift and side restraint built-in, the installation of which only requires bolting the Accupoint Weigh Module® into place. Completely manufactured in stainless steel with special long life hardened contact points the units will give years of high precision weighing with reduced maintenance.

Accupoint Weigh Modules® are available in nine capacities from 100kg to 50,000kg, giving typical weighing options of up to 200 tonnes in a standard four support vessel. The Accupoint Weigh Module® incorporates a high precision stainless steel IP68 protected mini disk load cell.

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