Accurate down to the gram - The Bizerba CWF check-weigher featuring an integrated Varicon metal detector makes quality assurance easier

Accurate down to the gram - The Bizerba CWF check-weigher featuring an integrated Varicon metal detector makes quality assurance easier
Bizerba (Germany) - The combined CWF checker featuring a Varicon metal detector checks up to 400 packages per minute and ensures compliance with the nominal filling quantity in accordance with the packaging regulations (FPV). The Varicon metal detector detects metal fragments in the product. What makes this check-weigher so unique is that factory and subsequent calibration is performed by Bizerba service engineers without involving the authorities.

The packaging regulations stipulate that manufacturers must check all products destined for the market for correct content and document this process. Actual compliance with the filling quantity is subject to strict legal criteria, which are monitored by the check-weigher.

The CWF check-weigher categorises the goods according to the prescribed weight classes and removes products that are too heavy or too light from production using stored reference weights, for example, using a pusher. In the long run, this saves costs incurred as a result of complaints and give-aways and ensures lasting production quality.

The pleasure of owning a new machine generally evaporates in a trice once it needs to be officially calibrated, as this often leads to delays in commissioning and production bottlenecks. The Bizerba CWF check-weigher is the first calibratable device to be permitted in accordance with the new measurement device regulation 2004/22/EG (MID). This means the Bizerba customer service team can factory calibrate the scales - from initial commissioning in the factory to the subsequent MID conformity assessment with customer packaging on-site under actual working conditions Thanks to the teaching routine, products can be prepared independently even at a later date without subsequent inspection by the German gauging office. This makes additional interruptions to production unnecessary.

Clean and intelligent:
The CWF is constructed of stainless steel and thanks to its design can be cleaned quickly and hygienically. It therefore meets the IP 65 safety class requirements and can also be used in so-called grey areas - hygienically controlled areas, which lie between open and packaged goods.

Like other Bizerba machines, the CWF is also compatible with the _statistics.BRAIN software, which facilitates the complete documentation of production processes. With only a few clicks, statistics and reports can be prepared, from which conclusions to minimise waste and process optimisation can be drawn. Data exchange with the manufacturer's ERP system is also possible via an interface.

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