Adam Equipment Adds Rugged New AGB and AGF to Its Industrial Line

Adam Equipment Adds Rugged New AGB and AGF to Its Industrial Line

Adam Equipment (USA, United Kingdom) – Adam Equipment, a leading global manufacturer of professional scales and balances, announced the U.S. launch of its brand-new AGB and AGF range of bench and floor scales, following their European debut in September. The pair – which are ideally suited for logistical applications in warehouses, as well as applications in factories, farms and manufacturing – succeed Adam's popular ABK and AFK bench and floor scales.

Made with the same solid construction Adam’s industrial scales are known for, the AGB and AFK feature three options of easy-to-clean grade 304 stainless steel pan sizes: 11.8”x15.7”/300x400mm for the AGB and 15.7”x19.7”/400x500mm or 23.6”x31.5”/600x800mm for the AGF.

The scales both feature an integrated indicator with a durable stainless steel housing, offering solid protection against dust and water.

A generous backlit LCD display offers 1.5”/40mm-high digits for easy readability. Along with an audible alarm, the convenient color-changing display shifts during checkweighing mode for at-a-glance notification if you are over, under or within a pre-set limit.

AGB and AGF can handle whatever heavy-duty weighing tasks thrown at them: Capacities for the AGB range from 16lb/8kg to 260lb/120kg, while the AGF’s capacities range from 175lb/80kg to 1,320lb/600kg. Readabilities run from 0.0005lb/0.2g to 0.01lb/5g for the AGB and 0.005lb/2g to 0.05lb/0.02kg for the AGF. Weighing units for the pair include grams, kilograms, Newtons, pounds, ounces, lb:oz and custom units.

The scales offer applications such as weighing, parts counting with preset sample sizes, percentage weighing, checkweighing and check counting. A hold function freezes the displayed weight, allowing time to elapse without losing the result, while selectable digital filtering for animal/dynamic weighing provides consistent results for weighing objects in motion. The scales also feature a zero-tracking function to ensure the display returns to a zero reading.

Weighing results are easily and efficiently communicated to computers and printers through an RS-232 interface.

Power is supplied by an included 12VDC 800mA adapter, as well as an internal rechargeable battery with a typical battery life of about 90 hours per charge.


About Adam Equipment:

Adam Equipment was founded in 1972. It designs and manufactures precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide. Adam Equipment’s global distribution network serves the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, legal cannabis, food, and animal/veterinary markets. Its head office is in Milton Keynes, England and has extensive operations and holdings in the United States, China, Australia, South Africa, and Germany.

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