Address Bottlenecks in Pharmaceutical and Biotech R&D with Automated Powder Dispensing Technology

Address Bottlenecks in Pharmaceutical and Biotech R&D  with Automated Powder Dispensing Technology

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - A new case study, ETC Powder Dispensing Study, describes a recent benchmarking study by the Enabling Technologies Consortium which shows that Quantos automated powder dispensing technology from METTLER TOLEDO is accurate, safe and easy-to-use for high-throughput laboratory applications, such as screening and formulations.

Powder dispensing is a common step is most pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratory R&D applications. The ability to dispense a specific amount of powder for high-throughput processes is important, and can cause bottlenecks if it has to be performed manually. The Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC), a collaboration of major pharma and biotech companies, has conducted a benchmarking study of existing automated powder dispensing platforms, in order to assess the capabilities of these systems, and identify any gaps in the technology.

The ETC case study describes how testing of four commercially available powder dispensing platforms was carried out by five pharmaceutical companies across seven sites. Dispensing of 2 mg, 10 mg and 50 mg of seven carefully selected reference powders was performed on an open bench or within a containment device (fume hood, local exhaust ventilation (LEV) cabinet, purge box and glove box). The results showed that Quantos from METTLER TOLEDO is a superior solution for laboratory powder dispensing.

It proved to be:

  • Accurate, even at the lowest target weights, and suitable for dispensing the widest range of powder types
  • Easy-to-use, with just one type of dosing head and the standard parameters. Good results were obtained without the need to select the correct head type, or optimize the dosing set-up for each specific powder, and therefore no expert user is necessary
  • Safe, due to its ability to minimize user exposure and operate accurately and reliabl within all types of containment systems tested


To learn more about the capabilities of Quantos powder dispensing technology for pharmaceutical applications, read the ETC Automated Powder Dispensing Case Study now.

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