Article by Adam Equipment: What Makes a Weighing Instrument Portable?

Article by Adam Equipment: What Makes a Weighing Instrument Portable?

Adam Equipment (United Kingdom) - When you’re looking at scales and balances, the word “portable” has different meanings depending on the device. In general, a scale is portable if it can be moved easily from place to place. There are other features that can improve portability.


All electronic devices require power to operate. If electricity is available, it’s easy to simply plug in the scale. No electricity? The scale will need a charged battery that can provide power throughout transport and operation. Some scales can be charged with a USB power source, such as a car charger.


Scales that have to be transported between job sites must be durable enough to handle the journey. Rugged construction and sturdy design help a scale withstand being moved from place to place or being operated in less-than-optimum field conditions.


A portable scale should be small and lightweight enough to be carried easily. Scientists performing studies on high-elevation water needs climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro carrying a CPWplus compact scale in a backpack. That scale is light and small enough to fit in a backpack, plus it offers battery operation.


Ideally, a balance that is portable must be easy to set up and operate. Certain features can speed up and simplify balance setup and improve the accuracy of results. A level indicator quickly shows if the balance is sitting on an even surface. Adjustable feet can help correct any minor levelling differences.

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