Articulated Dump Truck Weighing Innovation from VEI Group

Articulated Dump Truck Weighing Innovation from VEI Group
Veigroup (Italy) - The installation of accurate and easy-to-view onboard weighing solutions and production monitoring enable fleet operators to control loads moved, driving down haulage costs and improving productivity.

VEI On Board Weighing Solutions is featuring the innovation in production monitoring with its new Millennium5 for Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs), weighing while loading. The product is offering superior quality supported by intensive lab testing at TUV in order to ensure customer satisfaction and that all of the latest on-board application requirements are met. These accreditations assure product reliability over time and in harsh working conditions delivering superior quality, precision and therefore your fast return on investment.

Weighing is accomplished by sensing the axle deformation caused by the load being placed in the body. Our hi-tech, heavy duty sensors are installed in such a way so as to provide an accurate weight whilst loading and operating in the toughest of site conditions. “A simple solution providing outstanding results”.

Why equip your ADT with VEI Payload Monitoring?
  • Load right on the spot
  • Reduce truck wear on: tyres, transmission, engine & bodywork
  • Production Monitoring in real time on your tablet, smart phone or PC
  • Know beforehand the transported cost per ton
  • Track loading efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption by preventing overloading
Fully automatic in its weighing functionality the VEI Millennium5 is a user friendly in-cab helper within the VEI product philosophy of simplicity of use and componentry conception together with a powerful hardware which makes it the most advanced package in the market today.

Mining companies can benefit from the Millennium5 by having control over the production and the quantity of product dumped into the crusher. Saving truck’s wear is a key factor for the equipment return on investment which is indicated in just few months. Rental companies as well can have their fleet out there under control, see if trucks are overloaded and tons transported.

With the wireless capabilities the trucks transported weights can be seen directly on your PC, tablet or smartphone using VEI web-based payload monitoring interface If trucks are overloaded or rental agreement broken, the truck can be immobilized from a remote location no matter how far it is.


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