ATEX and IECEx Certifications for Custom Load Cells from Laumas

ATEX and IECEx Certifications for Custom Load Cells from Laumas

Laumas Elettronica SRL (Italy) - Press Release: LAUMAS custom load cells are now both ATEX and IECEx certified, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (that is, with the presence of flammable liquids, vapors, gases or combustible dusts).

ATEX and IECEx: safety, worldwide:

ATEX certification is the regulatory framework for the production, installation and use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

IECEx is an internationally accepted certification scheme, demonstrating compliance with Ex standards (issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)) of electrical products intended for installation in potentially explosive areas.

The Scheme is recognized in 30 international markets, including: USA/Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, South Korea, India, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. - Full list of member countries -

The joint certification of the two schemes allows:

  • faster access of our products in the most important international markets;
  • guaranteed observance of the required level of safety, thanks to the universality and completeness of the IEC standards applied in the evaluation of certified products;
  • time and cost savings due to the reduced need for inspections and audits.

A thousand needs, a thousand possibilities:

Being able to request the production of a completely customized load cell, designed to unique and specific needs, opens up application possibilities that solve weighing and measuring problems in particular contexts.

Custom load cells, for example, in addition to being designed with special mechanical dimensions, can:

  • be biaxial, triaxial and also measure torque;
  • have two extensometric Wheatstone bridges for redundant dual safety systems;
  • have non-standard (-30° / + 70° ) thermal compensation and special high/low temperature cables.

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