Automate Scale Operations with IntercompWIM™ and IntercompWIM™ Delta Software

Automate Scale Operations with IntercompWIM™ and IntercompWIM™ Delta Software

Intercomp Company (United States) - Press Release: Learn how IntercompWIM™ and IntercompWIM™ Delta Software fully automate scale operations with both portable and fixed, in-ground scales. Used to identify overweight conditions, document vehicle transactions, or monitor bulk inventory by comparing inbound and outbound traffic, the software enables users full control of the weighing site.

Where a simple, computerized platform is required for remote or smaller throughput scale installations, IntercompWIM™ software is a powerful tool to process your weighing transactions.

Additional Benefits: 

  • Customizable to Multiple Languages
  • Classify Vehicles and Apply Weight Limits
  • Fully Document and Compare Vehicles by Vehicle Identification
  • Automate Calibration, Operation, and Report Generation

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