Automating Vehicle Weighing Brings Greater Productivity and Better Organization

Automating Vehicle Weighing Brings Greater Productivity and Better Organization
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Entering data by hand can be inefficient for businesses. Errors can slow down productivity and cost money to correct. METTLER TOLEDO has introduced the first product in a new portfolio of software solutions that automate vehicle weighing operations for businesses of all sizes. When scale traffic is hectic, an automatic weighing process reduces man-made errors, improves efficiency and saves time and money on order processing and error correction. And save money by avoiding overfilling.

Using the new software, DataBridge™ SS, to process weighing transactions not only frees up the scale house operator to do other work, it does so faster than is manually possible, which means more weighing transactions - and profit - every day. Orders are automatically organized and reports can be generated using the weighing data. Users also can easily export transactions directly to their accounting system.

DataBridge SS is easy for anyone to learn and use. Short videos offer step-by-step instructions through the weighing process, while lesson plans can guide new employees through the tool.

“We’re excited to introduce DataBridge™ SS. It is the first of many new software tools from METTLER TOLEDO that will help businesses meet their efficiency goals and get organized,” says Santosh Nachu, vehicle scale product manager for METTLER TOLEDO. “These new products will change business as it’s done today in many scale houses—for the better.”

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