Belt weigher that delivers both quality and quantity

Belt weigher that delivers both quality and quantity
Marel (Iceland) - Fish processors from Scotland to Peru are already enjoying the benefits of Marel’s new Flowscale; a self-contained belt weigher with EU, OIML and US NTEP approvals. The Flowscale sets an industry benchmark in its category by gently weighing up to 100 tons of product per hour in a continuous flow.

Designed for high-volume weighing of pelagic species, whitefish and salmon, Marel’s Flowscale is specifically engineered to maintain source quality by handling products gently. It replaces older versions, as well as traditional, less product-friendly methods of weighing, such as hopper-scale weighing.

Gentle, high-volume and certified:
The Marel Flowscale is ideal for measuring the total catch of fish coming from a fishing vessel into a processing factory at a rate of up to 100 tons per hour, as well as for measuring the total amount of food material in and out of a specific process. It accurately collects the total flow data on a continuous basis – and has the certification to prove it. The Flowscale’s certifications and Weights & Measures approval enable fish processors to fulfill modern legal requirements that stipulate an approved in-weighing process for raw materials.

INNOVA reporting and cross-referencing:
Marel’s production management software, Innova, empowers processors to monitor and control the flow of material in real time. Each flow can easily be set up through the system based on customers, vessels and other specifications. Throughout the process, Innova collects flow information and generates reports according to the processor’s needs. The system also includes Alibi memory storage that can be cross-referenced with Innova reports for validation purposes and legal requirements.

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