Bizerba presents an entry-level Slicer with Integrated Weighing Function

Bizerba presents an entry-level Slicer with Integrated Weighing Function
Bizerba (Germany) - Bizerba adds a checkweigher to its Validoline VSC280 manual slicer, which permits the exact amount required to be sliced in one action. This means the ability to slice to the nearest gram is now also available at the entry level.

On the fresh produce counter in trade and retail establishments, it is easy for the seller to slice a few grams more than the amount required by the customer. The checkweigher integrated into the VSC280 all-purpose slicer enables operating staff to tell precisely how much has already been sliced and to reach the exact weight required. The machine calculates the current weight during slicing, which makes the subsequent removal of excess sliced product unnecessary.

Even thicker slices such as Leberkäse or bread can be easily sliced and weighed for up to three kilograms using the Validoline VSC 280 with integrated checkweigher. The carriage, which is angled at ten degrees, makes it easy for the slices to slide off and thus makes for ergonomically optimised operation.

Safe and clean in everyday use:
The Validoline VSC 280 with integrated checkweigher is not only suitable for retail. It is a versatile all-purpose slicer in the kitchen as well. The machine is intuitive to operate and has smart quick-release systems on the carriage and the blade cover for example, which reduces cleaning and set-up times to a minimum. For quick and effective cleanliness, all the removable machine components such as the weighing plate and the blade cover are dishwasher-proof. The machine housing is made in one piece and therefore has no joints. In combination with the closed base plate, this effectively prevents the penetration of dirt.

During development, Bizerba put great emphasis on high-quality components such as the Ceraclean surface. This is made of ceramic and PTFE components, which significantly reduces the adherence of product residues and the time required to clean the machine.

Sustainable slicing:
With the 'Emotion' technology, the Validoline VSC280 has a smart drive concept. Firstly, this enables automatic adaptation of the slicing power to the product, and consequently the optimum balance between performance and energy. Secondly, 'Emotion' appliances have lower surface warming, so that sliced goods stay fresh for longer and it is much easier to clean product residues off the appliances. In order to allow undisturbed conversations with customers, the sound of the motors has been re-engineered and the volume reduced.

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