Bosche introduced the New Semi-Automatic Potato Starch Scales

Bosche introduced the New Semi-Automatic Potato Starch Scales
Bosche GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - The starch content of potatoes is an important quality characteristic. To determine these values quickly and efficiently, Bosche has developed the verifiable KSW potato starch scales with starch content display.

Weighing procedure:
A sample of properly washed potatoes is weighed when dry, and then again when under water. The buoyancy, and thus the underwater weight, of the potatoes varies in line with their starch content (dry content). The higher the starch content, the higher the underwater weight of the potatoes.

With this method, it is no longer necessary to weight exactly 5 kg of potatoes and to then compare the measured weight with reference values in a table. By determining the dry weight and the underwater weight, the starch scale automatically calculate the specific density. Based on standardised formulas, the actual starch content of the potatoes is determined. Simply place between 4 and 7 kg of potatoes (or as many potatoes as fit into the basket) on the scale – the rest is done by the BOSCHE KSW.


Advantages of potato starch scales:
  • Catering for variable potato sample weights – no need for time-consuming sample preparation
  • No need to refer to tables – reducing likelihood of errors
  • Automatic lifting and lowering of scale – for greater efficiency without back strain
  • Ideal for professional weighing where accuracy and efficiency are essential
  • Suitable for continuous operation during harvest time

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