Breakbulk India 2013

Breakbulk India 2013

On September 05, 2013

Breakbulk India 2013 - Breakbulk India Heavy Lift Masterclass Workshop, on Dec 11-12, 2013, at the Meluha The Fern Hotel, Mumbai, India.

Meet the Instructor: Richard Krabbendam, a heavy lift specialist on land and offshore, is a globally renowned trainer and has 37 years of experience in this field. Richard Krabbendam is the founder of Krabbendam Advisory Service and has been a heavy lift specialist with Jumbo Offshore for many years. A Master of Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, he has worked with Big Lift and Mammoet and was co-founder of ITREC.

Krabbendam’s 2-Day Masterclass will aid intermediate to advanced students on the following topics:
  • Building a Liftplan
  • Choosing the right crane
  • Using a tail crane
  • Selecting the right Platformtrailer or SPMT
  • Estimating forces in lifting sling
  • Calculating the average groundload under an SPMT or Hydraulic Platform trailer
  • Avoiding Accidents and Improving Safety
  • Calculating the Center of Gravity properly
  • Selecting the right spreader beam
  • Calculating saddle loads
  • Trailer Stability Guidelines
  • Staying in Control of Weights
  • Plus much more…

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