Calog Instruments celebrates their all-time best seller

Calog Instruments celebrates their all-time best seller
Calog Instruments (South Africa) - 4004/5004 Programmable load cell indicators.

Calog Instruments, local distributor of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, has proudly announced that their 4004/5004 panel-mount load cell indicator has become their overall best-seller, and a favourite product for the accurate and reliable weighing and control of materials. Acknowledged as an industry standard, it has found application in virtually all industries, for example:
  • Breweries – malt storage silo’s, mixer’s and finished product weighing
  • Brick & Block yards – cement and aggregate weighing and batching
  • Feed weighing – storage silos and batching
  • Food & Beverage – storage silo levels, mixing and blending of raw materials, including margarine, oils, spices, additives and most other raw materials
  • Batch Control and Stress Testing
The CALOG4004 (4 digit) and CALOG5004 (5½ digit) are precision, programmable panel mount digital indicators for load cell input (6-wire) and two digital inputs for remote tare and optional remote peak hold reset. The excitation includes sense feedback to compensate for voltage drop over the cable. Digital filtering for better stability and a tare function is included as standard. Options include programmable analog output, set-points up to four alarms, peak or valley hold, RS-232/485 serial interfaces and more.

The CALOG5004 has additional features such as a 20-bit analog to digital converter for ultra-high resolution, and the excitation is user selectable for normal or ATEX applications. Programmable display increments (steps) and a switch mode power supply to power four load cells are standard.

A feature of these programmable indicators is the calibration method. The instrument can be pre-calibrated without load cell connections for zero and full-scale values, and then on-site calibration can be done for deadweight offset and span calibration (single point test weight trim.)

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