Conweigh Container Weighing Equipment Now Also Weighs Heavy Machinery

Conweigh Container Weighing Equipment Now Also Weighs Heavy Machinery
Conweigh (Australia) - Container weighing equipment and service provider Conweigh expand their equipment’s range of applications now offers weighing services to oversized, heavy machinery that are too big to weigh using a weighbridge.

Specially developed to weigh containers of any type and dimension, the conWEIGHr weighing pedestals were initially designed to be a portable, 40t-capacity weighing solution that can weigh in 20 to 30 minutes. The NMI and OIML certified equipment is paired with the Conweigh mobile app that captures the pedestals’ weight readings and instantly generates VGM certificates, ready to send to the shipper’s chosen recipients.

The conWEIGHr equipment was first tested for heavy machinery weighing in February 2017 during the weighing of a 50-tonne crane that was too big for a weighbridge.

Within 36 hours after initial customer enquiry, the 50-Tonne Grove RT890E Crane was safely and quickly weighed using four pedestals sets each attached to each outrigger. In less than 30 minutes the Grove Crane accurately weighed at 53.1 tonnes and received on the spot the Weight Declaration Certificate it required to be exported by sea.

Next is the onsite weighing of a 51-tonne mining truck. Through careful planning and coordination with the shipper’s existing equipment, the truck was lifted using two cranes and then weighed using two pedestals sets attached to two bolsters which served as weighing platforms for the truck’s axles.

In less than an hour, the truck was successfully issued a Weight Declaration Certificate that showed an accurate weight of 53.5 tonnes.

Launched in February 2016, Conweigh is one of the pioneers of the new container weighing industry that rose to help shippers comply with the new SOLAS VGM legislation requiring all loaded export containers to be weighed and carry a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) certificate prior to ship loading. The Conweigh all-in-one weighing solution contributes to the optimisation and safety in weighing export shipping containers, and now, heavy machinery.

Conweigh’s new capacity for Heavy Machinery weighing opens up opportunities to efficiencies in the handling of oversized equipment for weighing purposes. Weighing heavy machinery onsite before any transport reduces risks of damages, injuries, unnecessary expenses, and time wasted.

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