Fairbanks Scales announces FB6000 Series of High Performance User Friendly Digital Instruments for Vehicle Weighing

Fairbanks Scales announces FB6000 Series of High Performance User Friendly Digital Instruments for Vehicle Weighing
Fairbanks Scales (USA) - Features all essential functions in an attractive and affordable package.

Fairbanks Scales, Inc. announces the FB6000 series of high performance, user-friendly digital instruments for vehicle weighing applications. Available in both Analog or equipped with Intalogix® digital load cell communications technology, the new instruments are powerful solutions for legal-for-trade, inbound/outbound weighing.

Take advantage of the FB6000 series’ many exciting features to replace an old or failed analog instrument, or create a new basic weighing system at a very affordable price. With all the essential instrument functions you would expect in a sophisticated, high-traffic vehicle weighing instrument, the instruments have been packaged into an economical, yet attractive steel enclosure that is perfect for office, industrial, or washdown environments.

The Intalogix versions of the FB6000 series use Intalogix digital load cell technology, which works by converting a weak analog load cell signal to a stronger, more reliable digital interface. No matter the application, Intalogix facilitates an unsurpassed degree of resolution and accuracy, along with a high level of lightning/surge protection.

Three modes of operation are supported by the FB6000 series, along with built-in traffic controls, multiple communication ports, and transaction export functions to meet a range of application requirements. Three enclosure styles are available: The FB6011 model features a NEMA 12 desktop enclosure, designed for office environments; The FB6012 is packaged in a stainless steel NEMA 4X desk mount/wall mount enclosure, designed for wet or washdown environments; and, the FB6013 comes with a stainless steel NEMA 4X panel mount enclosure, designed for control room environments. Standard features include a bright red, 16-segment, LED display, gross-tare-net weigh mode, inbound/outbound weigh mode, a programmable prompt, and front panel traffic control.

FB6000 Instruments transmit weight data through a serial connection to a personal computer for scale software interfacing, or transfer CSV transaction files directly to a USB flash drive. Smart enough to identify and match inbound and outbound vehicles, FB6000 instruments store up to 1000 tare weights, and capture truck identification. They also integrate with all manufacturers’ analog scales and popular traffic light controls.

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