FUTEK Announced the Launch of the LSM305 Load Cell

FUTEK Announced the Launch of the LSM305 Load Cell

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (United States) - Press Release: The compact and flexible LSM305 is one of the most accurate load cells in FUTEK’s catalog of high precision sensors. Designed for OEM tension and compression applications, the sensor has a unique, lightweight design that gives it its high accuracy and reliability. The unit also has an integrated connector which offers easy cable connection and disconnection, and features IEEE1451.4 TEDS and RTD PT1000 precision measurement temperature data.

Two versatile mounting provisions —side mounting at one end and single point mounting in the centre of the unit — offers easy and flexible integration. The LSM305 has a built-in 10X overload protection and can operate in a wide temperature range of –60 to 200°F (–50 to 93°C) (specsheet value).

LSM305 is ideal for high volume continuous usage and typical applications include bottle filling, syringe calibration, and industrial measurements.

Impressive light-weight design:

At 1.86in (47.3mm) length, 1.3in (32.6mm) width and 0.5in (12.7mm) thickness, the LSM305 is specifically targeted for OEM applications that require space saving design. Made of light-weight aluminum alloy, the sensor itself weighs only 28g.

Simple and error-free setup:

Incorrect sensor scaling is one of the most common reasons behind erroneous sensor measurements. FUTEK has solved this problem on the LSM305 by equipping it with integrated IEEE 1451.4 TEDS autorecognition. TEDS contains information about the sensor, sensitivity and reference excitation range, reducing setup errors.

Ideal for OEM applications:

LSM305 is built for OEM applications. The unit’s JST 8-position connector, which is attached to the side edge of the sensor, allows for direct purchase of mating connectors and reduces cost of adding a connector to the end of cables or having to perform high precision soldering of conductor wires to electronic boards. As all LSM305 models have the same mounting provisions and the same size threads, two capacities can easily be swapped if the product weighing range increases or decreases.

Exceptional non-linearity:

The material and design provides the lowest nonlinearity (0.02%) and non-repeatability (0.02%) offered by any FUTEK sensor. The parallelogram structure allows the beam design to convert the load into high strain, which is monitored by the metal foil strain gauge.

Integrated overload protection:

The unique overload stop design protects the sensor from damage during accidental overload in both tension and compression modes. It also decreases the risk of mechanical breakage and yield as the overload stop helps to stop the part from deflecting, which prevents the metal from going into its yield state.

Best-in-class material:

The LSM305 sensors are built with aerospace grade aluminium alloy AL2024-T4, which is known for its high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Cable integration:

All LSM305 models are offered with an integrated connector, which allows for easy and simple cable connection and disconnection. A damaged sensor cable can be replaced without having to replace or disassemble the sensor or any other system component, which saves time, leads to higher system availability and reduces total cost of ownership.

High Volume, high accuracy:

The LSM305 model is aimed squarely at high volume, high accuracy measurements.. Applications cover a very wide range of markets, such as syringe calibration, wire bond testing (in micro-electronics), medical tablet and pill weighing and capsule filling, food processing, batching systems, small scales, check-weighing systems, batching scales, counting scales, and mass flow meters.

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