How to Clean a Balance, Maintain Operator Safety and Reduce Exposure Risk: Free SOP

How to Clean a Balance, Maintain Operator Safety and Reduce Exposure Risk:  Free SOP

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - A clean balance is important for maintaining analytical accuracy. But it can also protect lab personnel from exposure. Free SOPs from METTLER TOLEDO can help you clean your balance quickly and easily to keep operators safe.

When people think of making sure a balance is clean, they may think of avoiding cross-contamination to ensure results are accurate. However, skipping this important act can also put operator health at risk.

The good news is that the easy-to-follow document “SOP for Cleaning a Benchtop Balance” from METTLER TOLEDO can help make cleaning a balance quick and easy. This helps to ensure you protect lab safety without harming productivity.

These detailed SOPs cover important information such as:

  • how often to clean a balance
  • how to handle a balance and its accessories
  • which cleaning agents to use, and
  • which protective gear to wear

The document also covers disassembly, reassembly, leveling and more. Tips such as never blowing powder or dust off of balance surfaces also prevent potentially harmful substances from becoming airborne to further enhance safety and reduce cross-contamination risk.

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