Intercomp’s New NTEP Certified Wireless Portable Weighing System

Intercomp’s New NTEP Certified Wireless Portable Weighing System
Intercomp Company (USA) - Intercomp’s new LS630-WIM™ is NTEP Class IIII Certified for Direct Enforcement in static mode and functions as a portable weigh-in-motion station for enforcement screening in dynamic mode. Portability and ease of setup is enhanced with Intercomp’s industry leading RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology which transfers weight information to Intercomp’s PT20™ CPU without the use of cables.

The LS630-WIM features a weighing capacity of 20 tons per axle which allows users to weigh heavy commercial vehicles. The system will weigh axle-by-axle in static mode with ±0.5% accuracy or dynamically weigh vehicles as they pass over the scales at speeds up to 3 mph (6 km/hr) with 2-3% accuracy. Only two scales are required with the use of roll-up ramps/levelers to keep axle groups on a level plane. This enhances portability, yet reduces the overall investment as opposed to buying multiple portable scales to perform a roadside weighing.

Intercomp’s Portable Weigh-In-Motion systems can be setup for weighing enforcement operations virtually anywhere, including unimproved surfaces. The LS630-WIM™ system includes two LS630 RFX™ Wireless scale pads with a weighing area of 15” x 30” to accommodate dual wheels, roll-up ramps/levelers and standard wireless communication, all of which can be transported in a vehicle and set up by one person in under fifteen minutes. The LS630-WIM is also available with a capacity of 30 tons per axle and optional IntercompWIM™ software connects to a PC via RFX™ Wireless communication.

The LS630-WIM™ system provides authorities with a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution to protect roadways and concentrate enforcement almost anywhere required. The use of high speed “Virtual WIM” (V-WIM) installed in the main line can serve as a screening device for potentially overloaded trucks, allowing portable systems to be used for enforcement efforts positioned downstream of V-WIM installations. This combination allows authorities a cost effective solution to monitor, screen or issue citations in areas not served by permanent weigh stations.

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