InterWeighing China 2014

InterWeighing China 2014

On July 31, 2013

InterWeighing China 2014 – China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition, on Apr 19-21, 2014, at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Guangdong, China.

InterWeighing is an international weighing industry expo organized by China Weighing Instrument Association (CWIA) once every year. It is the largest trade show specializing in weighing industries in the world.

InterWeighing was held successfully in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001~ 2013.

The scope and contents of InterWeighing are various non-automatic weighing instruments, automatic weighing instruments, all kinds of scales, balance, weighing system, indicator, load cell, testing instrument and device, electronic component and materials used in weighing instrument.

Lots of well-known manufacturers as exhibitors participated in these exhibitions. Many professional visitors and buyers from Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa visited the InterWeighing. These exhibitions won good reputation which further promotes multilateral international exchanges and co-operations in the fields of weighing economy and technology. Also the highlights of seminar, technical exchanges and trade talks hold during every exhibition period.

The InterWeighing2013 on 22-24 April, 2013 at Shanghai, China was a resounding success. A total of 350 exhibitors, who were from 20 provinces in Mainland China and from the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, India and China Taiwan & Hong Kong, enthusiastically participated in this exhibition. The booth area of this fair was 13000 square meters which increased 8.9% than 2012.

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