Introducing BinTrac® VISION MOBILE

Introducing BinTrac® VISION MOBILE

HerdStar, LLC (United States) - The new mobile version, companion to the BinTrac VISION system is now available. This new feature comes standard with all new and existing BinTrac VISION Remote monitoring systems.

Remote monitoring of BinTrac vision sites just got easier.


  • Mobile friendly partner to BinTrac VISION
  • Access to feed levels, days to empty, usage and fill events
  • Monitor current bin levels, 24 hour and 2-day usage graphs

Accessing BinTrac VISION MOBILE is as easy as opening your devices’ browser, navigate to BinTrac's website and simply add a quick-link to your home screen for easy access.

The BinTrac VISION system allows users to manage feed inventory and consumption data remotely from anywhere and from any device.

  • Monitor Feed levels, Usage and Fill Events
  • Historical Graphs and Custom Query Data Reports
  • Email/Text Alerts for Fill Events and Low Usage
  • Improve Feed Mill Performance
  • Manage Animal Health
  • Improve Live Weight Predictability
  • Safety/Biosecurity

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