Ishida pushes the boundaries for snacks packing speeds

Ishida pushes the boundaries for snacks packing speeds
Ishida Europe Ltd. (UK) - Ishida Europe has introduced single and twin high speed snacks packing systems, comprising either a 14-head or 18 head CCW-RV multihead weigher and Atlas single or twin bagmakers, capable of weighing and packing potato crisps (chips) at up to 150 bags per minute per tube, with close to zero giveaway and at greater than 99% efficiency.

As shown on its Interpack stand in May 2014 this high performance is achieved using the new Ishida Charge Transfer Control (CTC) system. This enhances the weighing and bagmaking operation by providing greater control of the product charge, the process where product is transferred from the weigher through the bagmaker.

The resulting reduction in product charge length means speeds can be closely controlled to deliver the increased throughput while also contributing to lower product and film waste.

The system enables bagging speeds to be increased by a further 25% without compromising product integrity.

Key to the CTC’s operation is a high speed chute design, featuring a rotary poker and shutter system, combined with gentle product handling. In addition, the Atlas bagmaker incorporates ceramic hot knives with enhanced, hard-wearing jaws, which deliver superb sealing properties to deliver the highest quality pack presentation.

A hygienic construction ensures simple maintenance and cleaning, and the CTC requires no dedicated tooling, which enables fast changeovers. Easy monitoring and control is via the intuitive Ishida Snacks system control screen.

The new Ishida CTC is also easily retrofitted to existing Atlas systems, meaning packing capacity can be immediately boosted with no requirements for additional floor space. The weigher/bagmaker combination can form part of a fully integrated packing line with complementary equipment including metal detectors, printers/coders, seal testers, checkweighers and x-ray inspection.

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