Job Offer By Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Inc. - Experienced Welder

Job Offer By Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Inc. - Experienced Welder

Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Inc. (United States) - Thayer Scale, a global leader in industrial weighing technology, needs an experienced Welder to join our team. We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

Job responsibilities

  • Read blueprints and drawings and take or read measurements to plan layout and procedures
  • Determine the appropriate welding equipment or method based on requirements
  • Set up components for welding according to specifications (e.g. cut material with powered saws to match measurements)
  • Operate angle grinders to prepare the parts that must be welded
  • Align components using calipers, rulers etc. and clamp pieces
  • Weld components using manual or semi-automatic welding equipment in various positions (vertical, horizontal or overhead)
  • Test and inspect welded surfaces and structure to discover flaws
  • Maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise safety

Required Skills / Qualifications

  • Able to pass welding qualification test
  • Ability to read and interpret shop drawings and blueprints
  • Working knowledge of weld symbols
  • Ability to operate overhead cranes, jib cranes, tow motors and other material handling equipment
  • Understand various edge preps before welding.
  • Maintains work area in neat, clean and organized condition
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Observes all safety regulations and practices
  • Contributes to Continuous Improvement
  • High School Diploma or GED


About Thayer Scale:

Thayer Scale – Hyer Industries is a privately held manufacturing & technology company, specializing in the manufacturing of equipment used for the continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials for a wide variety of industries. The company has one of the longest uninterrupted operating records for engineering and manufacturing specialized continuous weighing and feeding equipment in the United States. Founded in 1949 in a garage in Rockland, Massachusetts and relocated shortly thereafter to the neighboring town of Pembroke on the South Shore of Massachusetts, the company has maintained its original business philosophy, product line specialization, and operating structure for more than a half century. Employee turn-over has consistently been very low permitting the company to develop a highly experienced workforce in each functional area of the business. This high degree of stability, continuity of leadership and laser-sharp product focus has been fundamental to the continued technical advancement of our uniquely designed conveyor belt scales and gravimetric feeders. It has allowed the company to grow from its early roots to its position today as one the global leaders in the continuous weighing industry.

Thayer Scale Core Values:

Thayer Scale has a long, proud history of delivering innovative, robustly engineered, high quality weighing systems that exceed our customer’s expectations. We are proud to live by a set of core values that remind us of our heritage while ensuring our future. These core values are:

  • Technical Excellence: The core of our business is designing and delivering products that provide precision, accuracy, exceptional value, reliability, and fit to purpose. To achieve this, we are innovative, creative, and attentive to details.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement and we work every day to define, refine and optimize all of our business processes. We utilize Lean Management principles to help guide us.
  • Respect for People: We treat people well; customers, coworkers, suppliers and our community. In our daily interactions we are open, honest, direct and respectful. We meet our commitments, large and small.
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations: Ultimately everything we do is designed to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers. We are not afraid to take on difficult challenges. We go the extra mile.

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