Jumbo Trucks, a Bioproduct Mill and Tamtron Truck Scales

Jumbo Trucks, a Bioproduct Mill and Tamtron Truck Scales
Tamtron Group (Finland) – Reliable Tamtron Scalex 1001 truck scales guarantee fast and accurate weighing at Metsä Group’s next generation bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland. The automatic license plate identification enters the vehicles directly into the reception system.

The largest investment in the history of Finnish forest industry was started in August 2017, and when the mill is operating at full volume, it will process 6.5 million cubic metres of pulpwood in a year. The mill will reach a nominal production of 1.3 million tonnes of pulp within one year from its start.

The trucks drive through Tamtron’s Scalex 1001 truck scales when arriving at and leaving the area. The three Scalex 1001 truck scales (a 26-metre scale and two 39-metre scales) are installed at the new measuring station for weighing timber. One of the 39-metre scales is intended for roundwood transports, while the 26-metre scale is for woodchip transports. Both types of transport use the second long scale for departure weighing.

“The whole mill investment was made for decades to come, so we wanted to prepare for things like specialised trucks with the giant scales”, says Maija Perävainio, the Terminal Operations Manager responsible for all of Metsä Forest’s measuring stations.

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