Load Cell Central’s NEW Economical Load Cell Tester SST1

Load Cell Central’s NEW Economical Load Cell Tester SST1
Load Cell Central (USA) - Load Cell Central has introduced a tester that fills the niche of economical and versatile load cell testing equipment. It benefits every skill level and it fits nicely in almost every budget.

Whether you are experienced at troubleshooting weighing systems or just beginning, the SST1 is an invaluable piece of equipment. The SST1 can provide results that help determine if the cell has been overloaded, has been shock loaded, has water damage or metal fatigue. The SST1 features real time reading in percentage of full scale, allowing the user to test without removing the load cell from its installation. Highly accurate, this tester will check resistance within +.5%.

The SST1 is housed in a durable, compact, portable enclosure. Whatever your situation may call for, this tester will answer that call with bridge testing, resistance testing, full scale output and zero balance testing. The menu navigation of the SST1 is extremely user friendly. Supporting 4 or 6 wire load cells, this tester offers the versatility that every scale technician needs.

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