Mantracourt Expands Production Capability to Meet Global Demand

Mantracourt Expands Production Capability to Meet Global Demand
Mantracourt Electronics Ltd (UK) - UK instrumentation manufacturer invests in new reflow soldering equipment to improve quality, increase productivity and support future growth.

Specialist UK instrumentation manufacturer Mantracourt Electronics has announced the acquisition of a new Ersa reflow soldering machine and plans to further acquire a new Ersa selective soldering machine in January 2015.

Mantracourt’s expansion in manufacturing capability has been driven by a continued growth in worldwide demand for its range of wired and wireless sensor technology. Working with technical partners across the world, Mantracourt has established its brand in many new countries, as well as introducing new products into its range.

"This is an exciting investment for us, as we continue to design and manufacture all our products in-house," said Kelly Voysey, Marketing Manager. "This approach is important to Mantracourt, as it enables us to ensure the quality of our products. In this respect, the new machines will help us future proof both our production capacity and product quality going forward, helping us to protect our brand whilst we experience further growth.“

The newly delivered reflow soldering machine has been manufactured by Ersa in Germany, a respected leader in this field. The new machine is more efficient and offers a higher capacity than Mantracourt’s existing machines, it can handle larger PCB’s, it has an easy double-sided soldering capability and it facilitates a quick change over of products. It is also environmentally more advanced than previous machine designs.

“We have also taken on and trained additional staff during 2014, said Kelly. “All in all, it has been another exciting year for Mantracourt, as our wireless T24 sensor range has continued to grow in popularity and the company has also successfully developed wireless load monitoring products for several specific industrial applications.”

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