New Marsden B-400 Bench Scale

New Marsden B-400 Bench Scale

Marsden Weighing Group (United Kingdom) - Press Release: We’ve just launched a new stainless steel bench scale - and it’s our lowest priced Trade Approved bench scale yet.

The Marsden B-400 is IP67-certified - which means it’s suitable for a wide range of industries, like breweries, food factories and industrial kitchens. It is capable of weighing goods accurately up to 30kg and is Trade Approved for pricing goods based on weight.

What is the B-400 Bench Scale?

The B-400 is a stainless steel bench scale with three capacity and graduation options: 6kg x 1g, 15kg x 2g and 30kg x 5g.

The scale has a bright, clear LCD display. It is built for portability with just 4 x AA batteries powering the scale, meaning it can be used anywhere regardless of where the nearest plug socket is.

The B-400 has four easy to use function keys. Tare means you can place an unwanted item such as a bowl on the weighing pan. Press the Tare button and the weight is removed, giving you an accurate weight. The Hold function is used to stabilise the weight reading on the display.

A handy check weighing feature lights up the screen in green when you’re within your target weight range, and changes to red when you go over it!

Finally, we’ve priced the B-400 so that it’s our lowest priced stainless steel Trade Approved scale. That makes it great if you need to use a Trade Approved scale to comply with laws, but you’re buying on a budget.

Who will choose the B-400 bench scale and why?

The B-400 is perfect for areas where the scale may get wet, or need washing down after use to keep the scale hygienic.

This means this stainless steel scale is perfect for breweries, food factories, industrial kitchens and fishmongers. It’s Trade Approved which means products can be weighed and price determined - so fish markets and other retail outlets will benefit from the scale.

As a brewery scale it can be used at the end of the brewery weighing process to weigh packaged goods - as well as earlier on in the process to weigh grain.

Why should businesses use Trade Approved scales?

A failure to use a Trade Approved scale for a legal purpose, can result in heavy fines being handed out. These can exceed £1000, according to Craig Fisher at Sheffield Trading Standards.

One of these legal purposes is buying or selling based on weight. If a product is bought or sold based on what it weighs, the weighing scale used must be Trade Approved.

Trade Approved scales have been fully tested and verified to a specific standard in order to provide high accuracy weight readings. This intensive testing of scales ensure that two different Trade Approved scales weighing the same item, give the same weight.

What is IP67 certification?

The scale’s IP rating refers to the scale’s protection against water and dust.

IP67-certified scales - like the B-400 - are almost as waterproof as scales that are IP68 waterproof. IP67 scales are protected against moisture and therefore can be kept hygienic by being washed down. To differentiate between IP67 and IP68, Marsden refers to IP67 as splashproof scales.

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