METTLER TOLEDO Introduces New Application Software for Easy Remote Communication

METTLER TOLEDO Introduces New Application Software for Easy Remote Communication
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Reliable and accurate data is essential to ensure efficient and cost-effective industrial processes. A new software application for the IND890 weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO offers enhanced communication capabilities for flexible use in industrial applications. The IND890 terminal offers ergonomic weighing with increased efficiency and flexibility, as well as features for easy operation. IND890com software for this terminal allows users to monitor and respond to communications on the IND890 from a remote PC.

Real-time access to process data is necessary for quality managers and process supervisors to obtain complete process control. Data storage, processing and analysis with IND890com allow them to make more informed decisions to enhance end-product quality. Manually controlling mixers, feeders and other scale-equipment on separate interfaces can be error-prone and inconvenient. IND890com allows users to control, switch and monitor production facilities using a single data interface.

IND890com was designed for reliable transfer of crucial process data. It provides users with greater control over their processes, with remote connectivity to the weighing terminal to log relevant data simply and securely.

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