METTLER TOLEDO launched its New XPR Precision Balances Range

METTLER TOLEDO launched its New XPR Precision Balances Range
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – New Innovative Precision-Weighing Solutions Offer Top Speed and Accuracy in Tough Environments.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to launch its new range of flexible XPR precision balances. These balances are designed to speed up weighing processes and simplify sample preparation—even under challenging conditions.

Lab operators around the world know that a small mistake in weight value can become magnified in subsequent analysis steps. This makes getting weighing right the first time key to analytical success. Efficient weighing also saves time and lets users focus on the analysis. New METTLER TOLEDO Excellence XPR precision balances go beyond weighing to support the kind of process efficiency that enhances accuracy, reduces rework and lowers costs thanks to features such as user guidance and sample ID management.

New XPR balance models also include the SmartPan™ weighing pan. This innovative pan delivers results in half the time by minimizing air-current effects on the weighing cell for significantly shorter stabilization and better repeatability—even when weighing in a demanding environment such as a fume hood, production environment or high-traffic area.

Normally, particularly at very low minimum weights, a draft shield is needed to produce accurate results. However, opening and closing draft-shield doors adds procedural steps, while reducing them increases speed and helps to protect operators from repetitive-motion injuries. Under standard conditions, even a 1 milligram XPR balance with SmartPan can be used without a draft shield. In turbulent conditions, these sensitive balances can be used with the draft-shield doors open.

XPR precision balances remove the guesswork from sample handling by guiding users through the weighing process via built-in applications or saved customized methods. The results of each step are displayed on the balance notepad, where users can add comments and export data, and the ability to print barcode-ready labels ensures results are attributed to the correct step. This avoids sample mix-ups, ensures accurate formulation and creates process traceability.

SmartPan’s extraordinary repeatability means results are delivered up to twice as fast even when weighing under challenging conditions such as a fume cupboard, production environment or high-traffic area.

Under standard weighing conditions, even a 1 miligram readability XPR balance that incorporates SmartPan can be used without a draft shield. In the turbulent conditions of a fume cupboard, you can weigh-in on these sensitive 1 miligram balances with the draft shield doors open and still benefit from outstanding repeatability.

Built-in applications guide users through their weighing processes. Customized methods can be saved and recalled later to provide consistency.


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