Minebea Intec: Peter Steiner on board as new Chief Sales Officer

Minebea Intec: Peter Steiner on board as new Chief Sales Officer

Minebea Intec (Germany) - Minebea Intec strengthens its management level: With Peter Steiner, the business in the partner regions worldwide is to be promoted in addition to the sales development in the core markets. This appointment completes the C-level under CEO Hidenori Shimosako.

Peter Steiner succeeds Frank Wieland and is looking forward to a versatile task at a leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection technology. He is particularly attracted to the mix that makes up the company for him. "Minebea Intec combines the history of a German engineering company with the internationality and reach of a global market leader - that is a rare and exceptionally appealing combination", said Steiner's assessment. "The management team, which I had the opportunity to get to know in detail before I started at Minebea Intec, maintains a professional, open and very appreciative interaction within and outside the team."

Sales and service as pillars of success:

In addition to his technical expertise, Peter Steiner also has a personal penchant for the B2B sector. Before joining Minebea Intec, he managed the sales and service organization of an international packaging machine manufacturer and already identified initial points of contact: "The sales and service processes are highly relevant, as the customer experience depends decisively on how we are perceived in direct contact with our customers." Minebea Intec is already very well positioned in both areas, as evidenced by our highly developed CRM system, a powerful app for colleagues in sales or, not least, innovative service tools such as miRemote. But I have also already identified the first potential for optimisation, which I want to address and implement with my team."

Together with Dr. Karl Sommer (COO), Dr. Axel Böttger (CTO) and CEO Hidenori Shimosako, Steiner now wants to bring new perspectives to the company, "I hope that as the newest member of the management team, I can provide a lot of impetus with my broad sales experience. As a "newcomer", you have the chance in the first year to recognise and improve many things with an outside perspective that have been routine for others for many years, and thus to question familiar processes and optimise them if necessary," says Steiner about his start in the new position.

As recently as August 2020, Minebea Intec became an independent business unit (BU) under new leadership: the CEO, Hidenori Shimosako, has set high goals that he wants to achieve by working together with the other teams.

New structure offers great potential for synergies:

The new structure of the Minebea Intec BU is as follows: Hidenori Shimosako takes over as CEO, becoming an independent part of MinebeaMitsumi. The BU is managed internally by a six-member Board of Directors: Jörg Hoffmann is Chairman, Peter Grimley assumes the role of Vice Chairman. The board is completed by Dr. Axel Böttger as CTO, Dr. Karl C. Sommer as COO and Peter Steiner as CSO. With this team, Shimosako sees a multitude of opportunities to tackle new challenges together.

Previously, the CEO position was held by Peter Grimley, whom Shimosako expressly thanks for his work: "Peter Grimley, with his strong commitment, has had a great impact on the success of the company in recent years, both for Minebea Intec and MinebeaMitsumi. I am grateful that he will now join the other directors in supporting me in my position." Shimosako on taking office. Hidenori Shimosako started at Mitsumi Electric back in 1996 in the accounting department, moved to the parent company MinebeaMitsumi in 2017, where he was the Head of Sensing Device Business Unit since 2018. Since August 1, 2020, he has held the position of CEO of the newly established Minebea Intec Business Unit.

As head, Shimosako sees great potential in being able to use newly gained synergies through the equalization with the Sensing Device Business Unit. According to Shimosako, shared know-how and access to the management resources of the parent company open up great growth opportunities for the Intec BU - in keeping with the MinebeaMitsumi motto "One Team One Fight". The use of these synergies also pays off for the customer, as shared production also results in shorter delivery times and logistics costs, for example. Through efficient use of shared resources, Shimosako has high hopes. "There should be no any hesitance in accepting help." says Shimosako "Because only together can we achieve our high goals and make ourselves unique in the market."


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CSO Peter Steiner

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From left to right: COO Dr. Karl Sommer, CEO Hidenori Shimosako, CTO Dr. Axel Böttger and CSO Peter Steiner

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