National Choice Bakery invests in Vantage II Batch Control Systems from SG Systems

National Choice Bakery invests in Vantage II Batch Control Systems from SG Systems
SG Systems (USA) - National Choice Bakery invests in Vantage II Batch Control Systems for USA Bagel Manufacturing Plants.

National Choice Bakery (NCB) was founded in 1990 as Twin City Bagel, Inc. Initially, the focus was on providing the local trade with fresh bagels on a daily basis. Shimon Harosh and Michel Rouache were committed to making a premium quality product, using traditional methods to create an artisan product.

News of the quality orientation of NCB grew and quickly spread throughout the industry. As a result of the strong dedication to high quality, outstanding service and competitive pricing, NCB established strong supply partnerships with many of the major branded marketing companies that are the mainstay of the bagel industry today.

Due to the amount of Bagel varieties NCB produces, being on target with batch weighing and lot traceability is a major concern. NCB was experiencing preventable lost dough issues due to inaccuracies in scaling (inconsistencies detected by Quality Control). They also wanted to streamline their traceability procedure to meet GFSI guidelines more efficiently than with a paper system. SG Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of batch control systems, ingredient traceability & inventory management (raw ingredient and finished product). For this reason, NCB contacted SG Systems.

Batch Control System & Lot Tracking System:
The Batch Control & Lot Tracking Systems installed at NCB (installed both manufacturing plants, South St Paul, MN and Pageland, SC) provides improved batch consistency and ensures a higher percentage of on target batches. In the dedicated Ingredient Weighing areas of both plants are Vantage Touch Screen Terminal connected to a weighing platforms with a barcode label printers (to label minor ingredients weighed ahead of time).

The tightly controlled formulations are exported from NCB’s existing ERP System and automatically imported into the SG Systems database. This removes the need to manually enter or double handle data relating to ingredient, formulations, sequence, locations and target weights. Bulk ingredients present in the formula are automatically flagged to allow the scaling operator to focus on the relevant part of the formulation. One database supports both plants, utilizing a VPN tunnel to connect the data between the 2 plants.

The production plans for both sites are setup locally using a desktop PC MES Management license, allowing the Production Manager to schedule the required amount of batches from a PC on the network. The system has virtually eliminated time consuming paper based production and Ingredient Traceability records.

The Batch Control & Lot Tracking System provides an effortless and very simple to use production formulation process. The large touch screen prompts the operator through the recipe as each ingredient is added; using management set green / red tolerances and a speedometer weighing display. The system will not allow the operator to continue if the incorrect ingredient lot is selected or the wrong amount added. Detailed instructions relating to product characteristics are also flagged up to ensure adequate CCP / Standard Operating Procedure requirements are met.

The end result is a very effective and simple to use Batch Control & Lot Tracking System which ensures NCB can produce the highest quality products with the maximum amount of repeatability.

SG Systems’ comments “SG is an experienced batch control company who pride themselves on thinking outside of the box to deliver solutions to eliminate paperwork and provide customers with a healthy return on investment. The team at NBC is forward thinking, innovative and appreciate that lot traceability can be turned from being a paper-based headache into something which can be used to deliver real business value.”

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