New Precia-Molen's Verification Truck

New Precia-Molen's Verification Truck
PRECIA-MOLEN (Netherlands) – RECIA-MOLEN Breda listened to her customers with the result that at the beginning of November the special truck for approving weighbridges was ready. Loaded with 80 tons of custom made calibration weights and a forklift, the striking truck can be seen on the Dutch roads. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment gave PRECIA-MOLEN Breda special dispensation to drive with such a heavy combination. This allows them to verify all weighbridges by using one single truck, no extra ballast needed.

By purchasing the truck PRECIA-MOLEN Breda no longer has to dependent on a third party for the verifications. From now on they make their own planning which means that completion and approval of the weighbridge can be realised shortly after each other. This improves service for the customers because they are able to use an operational weighbridge ready for trade use in a short time.


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