New T7-20 & S7-20 Touch Screen Indicators from Totalcomp Inc.

New T7-20 & S7-20 Touch Screen Indicators from Totalcomp Inc.
Totalcomp Inc. (USA) - Totalcomp Inc. has announced the launch of their new Touch Screen Weighing Indicators.

T7-20 has ABS plastic enclosure. 6.75” touch screen display. S7-20 has IP65 stainless steel housing. 6.75” touch screen dislplay. 5 tactile keys for: On/Off, Set up, Home, Tare, Zero. Panel home screen keys for: Class, Take Out, Target, Count, Check, M+, Pre-Tare, Print, Sum. Applications for: Hi/Lo, Unit, Product.

Built in applications include: standard weighing, over/under check weighing with bar graph, Take Out, Target, Counting, Class (grading), Hi/Lo applications. Built in Time/Date clock. Indicator has 4 Pre-Tare settings that can be saved and one Pre-Tare setting for custom entry. T7-20 and S7-20 can store up to 9999 product ID by product name, barcode, Pre-Tare, unit weight in g/pcs or lb/pcs, Hi.Lo level. If product ID has barcode assigned to it using optional barcode scanner, product ID retrievable for fast access. M+ function will add weighment to memory that is retrievable with Sum and transferred to PC using flash drive or printed on paper and then cleared manually. USB port for plug and play ZoomSun barcode scanner and software upload and data download. T7-20 is equipped with 1xRS232 port, 1xRS422, 2x USB port. S7-20 is equipped with 1xRS232 port, 1x USB port.

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