New Truck Scale Models and Branding

New Truck Scale Models and Branding
Cardinal Scale - New ARMOR® Series Truck Scales.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing is pleased to present the only ARMOR® you’ll ever need for truck weighing. With our many popular name-brand products, such as the GUARDIAN® hydraulic scales, STORM® indicators, and SnapStream wireless applications, it was time to give a brand name to the most popular product of all.

Since the EPR truck scale series has evolved into the cornerstone of our business, it needed a name that best suits the heavy-duty scale we manufacture. Effective immediately, the EPR series scales will now be known as the ARMOR® series for all electronic truck scale products. What better name to put on a product that bests represents the quality and longevity of a Cardinal truck scale. As the name implies, Cardinal's ARMOR® truck scales provide you with superior-strength, long-life steel construction for optimum vehicle weighing.

New ARMOR® 100-Ton Capacity Scales
Coming at the best time for the busy upcoming truck scale buying season, we’ve added yet another series of scales to your ARMOR® series products. You now have two competitive choices in ARMOR®, designed to meet the varying needs of the industry. The new 100-ton overall capacity/30-ton Concentrated Load Capacity ARMOR® truck scale includes all the great features of the 45-ton CLC model for a value-rated price. From stainless steel USA-made load cells and rodent protection to robotic-welded bridges, this new scale is everything you expect from a Cardinal ARMOR® Truck Scale. The 30-ton CLC models are designed for normal legal over-the-road trucks.

ARMOR® Truck Scale Features:
  • USA-made stainless steel load cells and junction box
  • Junction box controls in the scale house or at the truck scale
  • Single source supplier for all optional equipment such as weight indicators, remote displays, and software
  • Concrete or steel deck models
  • Optional grain dump modules
  • NTEP legal-for-trade up to 14 ft. wide
  • Anti-corrosion industrial tan powder paint complements any environment
  • Arrives fully-prepared for installation
More information about the ARMOR® Weighbridge can be found here

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