New Weighing and Filling Controllers from Baykon Industrial Weighing Systems

New Weighing and Filling Controllers from Baykon Industrial Weighing Systems
Baykon, Inc. (Turkey) - Baykon Industrial Weighing Systems Company (Turkey), which has deep expertise in developing and manufacturing variety of weighing instruments by using the most up to date technology, offers BX13 and BX14 weighing process controllers for various industries.

While BX13 is a professional filling controller designed for any type of filling processes of liquid, bulk and granule material with all type of packages; BX14, on the other hand, is a smart weighing controller designed for discontinuous totalizer or extraction rate scale applications.

Both have up to 1600 measurement values per second, 16.000.000 internal resolution and have up to 999.999 display resolutions. They have very ergonomic design and have an easy programming software.

BX13 & BX14 offers great flexibility for PLC and system integration; RS 232C, RS 485, Modbus RTU/TCP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen.

They are suitable for use in many sectors such as filling and packing lines, chemical manufacturing, production and technological lines, process automation and OEM’s and system integrators.

BX13 Functional Features:
  • Liquid filling for open containers, filling under bung hole and filling at bottom
  • “Weigh in and emptying” mode for automatic packing machines, bag fillers
  • Filling and discharging of tanks, silos and reactors
  • Easy control 4 Inputs and 7 Outputs
BX14 Functional Features:
  • Flow rate control
  • Totalizing control
  • By-pass function
  • Emptying pipe control
  • Daily total, estimated next 24h total, batch total, weekly total
  • Easy control with digital 6 Inputs and 5 Outputs

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