New Weighing Review Sponsor - Utilcell (Spain)

New Weighing Review Sponsor - Utilcell (Spain)
Utilcell (Spain)
UTILCELL is a manufacturer of Load Cells, Mechanical Weighing Accessories and Weighing Electronics. Since the beginnings, over 35 years ago, we have been one of the leaders in the European load cell market, expanding internationally and consolidating today as one of the main worldwide manufacturers.

As a family owned business, it’s in our nature to work and collaborate closely with our clients, with mutual confidence and personalized assessment. The company’s headquarters is situated in Barcelona, Spain, with offices and partners in several countries, and an extensive worldwide distribution network that allows Utilcell to supply its products to more than 3,000 worldwide professional customers in the weighing industry, machine builders, engineering companies and instrumentation distributors. We make shipments to clients in the 5 continents, with a direct regular supply to over 60 countries, and the export volume represents more than 70% of the overall turnover.

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