New white paper from Marsden could help businesses avoid ‘unlimited’ fines

New white paper from Marsden could help businesses avoid ‘unlimited’ fines

Marsden Weighing Group (United Kingdom) - A new white paper published by scales manufacturer Marsden explains why using a Trade Approved weighing scale could prevent businesses from ‘unlimited’ fines.

Trading Standards, who worked closely with Marsden in producing the guide, has said that a failure to use Trade Approved scales when pricing goods based on weight could result in fines in excess of £1000.

The document explains the applications where Trade Approved scales should be used by businesses and the benefits that using them can provide.

Marsden’s Managing Director, Richard Black, said: “Trade Approved scales are required for many types of business, in order to comply with the NAWI directive 2014/31/EU.

“Many companies are not aware that the scale they are using is not suitable for weighing to determine a price and are being penalised as a result. This white paper aims to improve business awareness of when and why they should be used.”

Trading Standards Officer Craig Fisher, added: “The fines can be level 3 - which means in excess of £1000 - for matters in relation to inappropriate use, manner of erection of equipment etc.

“But for all other matters it would be an unlimited fine. If its fraud in relation to the use of Weights and Measures equipment, it would be an unlimited fine and up to 6 months imprisonment.”

Download the white paper for free at the link below.

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