OpenWeigh introduces new Open Source Cloud Based Weighbridge Software

OpenWeigh introduces new Open Source Cloud Based Weighbridge Software
OpenWeigh Weighbridge Software (UK) - Low cost and highly reliable software saves businesses money and downtime.

Every business needs to have reliable, accurate weighing technology. OpenWeigh is an open source alternative to expensive, unreliable weighbridge software. Using cloud-based data storage, OpenWeigh doesn’t tie the business into annual contracts. Modifications and customization can be done by OpenWeigh quickly and inexpensively, allowing businesses to get the precise functionalities that they need. Track vehicle data, customers’ data and products quickly and easily, with everything able to be exported into Excel files for simple data integration. More information and a ONE MONTH FREE trial is available at their website.

“We designed OpenWeigh as an open source software to make it much easier to add functionalities. In very little time and for very little money, we are able to create custom functionalities for businesses that need something specific. The purpose of really great software is to help increase your profits, not break the bank.” – Justin., Developer, OpenWeigh

OpenWeigh software has a simple, affordable monthly fee that includes data storage, reports exported directly to Excel and multiple users. Because there is no annual fee, there is no expenditure of thousands of pounds just to get started. OpenWeigh even offers a one month free trial, allowing decision-makers to see the software in action before making a commitment.

“We started using OpenWeigh a few months ago and now I wouldn’t use anything else. The customer support is excellent and when I needed a specific capability for my fleet, it was done quickly and very inexpensively.” – Liam Waters, London

OpenWeigh Weighbridge Software is a new open software designed to provide open source, cloud-based weighbridge technology at an affordable price. Written in Ruby, OpenWeigh has been designed to have more flexibility and expandability than any other weighbridge software.

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