PENKO Engineering B.V. expands your choice in load cells

PENKO Engineering B.V. expands your choice in load cells
PENKO Engineering B.V. (Netherland) - PENKO now also distributor Revere and Sensortronic load cells.

PENKO Engineering B.V. expands your choice in load cells. Next to the familiar brands Tedea Huntleigh, Utilcell, Flintec and Ascell, PENKO offers as of March 1, 2013 also the brands Revere and Sensortronics. Both suppliers are part of the Vishay Precision Group, which implies an adequate quality assurance. Both also offer a full range of industrial transducers.

The wide choice in load cells makes PENKO an all-round supplier within the weighing branch. PENKO’s experience with all kinds of applications under all conceivable industrial conditions, the knowledge of weighing processes and automation in combination with the now arisen collection of weighing sensors, gives you the assurance that you will obtain the right parts for your projects involved. PENKO is your supplier of load cells, weighing instrumentation and the accompanying automation of the weighing process.

About PENKO Engineering B.V. :
PENKO Engineering B.V. is a Dutch company within the global ETC Inc. group of companies. We are based in Ede, The Netherlands. We supply a wide range of load cells, instrumentation and controllers that are designed for high accuracy, high speed weighing and dosing applications. In addition, we offer a range of ancillary products including loading assemblies, amplifiers, display panels, and software for data capture and display. We are also able to discuss customer design requirements for complete assemblies or sub-assembly units for OEMs and ‘one-off’ projects within this area of expertise.

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